The world is in a period of deep crisis. Capitalism and its apologists have proven unable to explain or resolve the problems facing the working class everywhere. Only the ideas of Marxism offer an explanation and a way out. It is for this reason that we are proud to announce the launch of the International Marxist University 2022, a four-day online event organised by the International Marxist Tendency, dedicated to discussing the core ideas of Marxist theory and how we can use them to change the world.

From 23-26 July, revolutionaries around the globe will meet online for 14 talks, on topics covering the three pillars of Marxist theory: the revolutionary philosophy of dialectical materialism, Marx’s economic insights into the contradictions of capitalism, and the Marxist approach to history, historical materialism.

The event will include discussions on Marxism and art, introduced by editor Alan Woods; the Spanish conquest of the Americas, the European revolutions of 1848, the philosophy of the Enlightenment, a Marxist explanation of inflation, and many more! 

This will be a truly international occasion, in which the sessions will be simultaneously translated into a variety of different languages, including Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Urdu, Chinese and Arabic. Around 6,000 people took part in our last International Marxist University in 2020, and we anticipate another huge event given the dramatic events unfolding before us in the subsequent two years.

In a world that can seem increasingly confusing and chaotic, there has never been a better time to study the revolutionary ideas of scientific socialism. The core task is not only to understand the world, but to change it!

Register now on the IMU 2022 website here

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