This is the website of the Revolution South Arica - the International Marxist Tendency (IMT) in South Africa. The IMT is active in around 30 countries around the world. The website of the IMT is called In Defence of Marxism which you can visit here.

The fundamental problems of the South African masses cannot be solved on a capitalist basis. Inequality, poverty, landlessness and racism, are still thriving, despite 20 years of bourgeois democracy during a period of significant economic boom. At the same time the ruling class is immersed in a repulsing looting frenzy. The only way out of this state of barbarism and decay is to overthrow this rotten capitalist system and replace it with a democratic socialist order where the wealth of the country is under the full control of the working masses.

The aim of the Marxists of Revolution South Africa together with the International Marxist Tendency is to spread the ideas of Marxism in an organised fashion through the youth and labour movement. We believe that the emancipation of the working class and all oppressed layers of society can only be realised through a revolutionary mass movement, led by the working class. Our goal is to fight with the working class to end capitalism and replace it with a democratic socialist system.

By getting involved in the daily movements of the local and national working class and student movements, we also take an active part in the struggles of the working class around the world. With news and analysis, solidarity campaigns, educational material and study groups we work to spread the genuine ideas of Marxism to as many people as possible in the country and around the world.

Join Revolution South Africa - the International Marxist Tendency in South Africa - if you agree with our ideas and you wish to help build a revolutionary Marxist organisation to prepare for the overthrow of Capitalism.

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